LCCC Scholarship

The Krysta Hankee Memorial  Fund was established in Krysta’s memory.  The Fund wishes to present a monetary award in the amount of $1600.00 to one full time LCCC student (male or female) displaying high academic achievement & planning on continuing their education at Lehigh Carbon Community College. The selection committee will select a student who demonstrates a desire to develop his or her leadership skills through campus and/or community involvement and service.

Applying for this award is easy – see directions below.
Directions for Application:Complete application online and submit.

  • Recommendations should be completed, emailed or mailed to addresses listed on form.
  • Applications & recommendations must be completed & received on or before March 15, 2014.
  • All information is considered confidential for use by the scholarship selection committee.
  • Award notification will be sent to the award recipient & college administrators.
  • Award presentation time & location will be selected by college administrators.
The Award:

  • $1,600.00 in four payments of four hundred dollars ($400.00) over 2 years
  • Based on a continuing strong academic standing
  • Congratulatory letter and $400 check  presented at award presentation
  • Name placed on the Krysta Hankee Memorial Scholarship Plaque at LCCC

Upon completion of each of the following three semesters, the recipient is required to:

  • Submit their final grades for review to the Scholarship Committee
  • Submit a letter outlining the highlights and educational experiences of the completed semester
  • Letter to include plans for the upcoming semester
  • After a favorable review by the committee a $400 check will be awarded to the student.

This award shall be presented to one full time LCCC student (male or female) planning on continuing their education at Lehigh Carbon Community College and otherwise meet the award criteria who has:

  • currently enrolled as a full time student with plans to continue their education at LCCC.
  • attained high academic achievement.
  • demonstrated effective leadership qualities.
  • made worthy contributions to the community.
  • submitted an essay to the award committee (300 words or less)
  • presented a recommendation from a community member.
  • presented a recommendation from a member of the LCCC educational staff.
Complete the form and click SUBMIT to enter information.